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Interior house painting reading

Things to Consider Before Getting your House Interior Professionally Painted:

Whether you’re moving or just redecorating you might be considering a professional interior paint. There are plenty of benefits to …

Winter Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance During Winter

In the winter property maintenance becomes even more important. Weather damage done to properties should not be overlooked, and many …

property maintenance reading winter

End of Summer Maintenance Tasks

As autumn approaches, there are a number of maintenance tasks that you should consider completing before winter sets in as …

End of tenancy maintenance services and how they can improve the value of a property in reading berkshire

End of Tenancy Maintenance Services; Improving the Value of a Property

It is the landlord’s responsibility to manage the upkeep of the property and make sure that it stays well maintained …

The benefits of a professional maintenance service for your home in reading berkshire

The Benefits of a Professional Maintenance Service for your Home

Finding a property management company that will be able to maintain your properties effectively and keep the value of your …

spring grounds maintenance reading berkshire

Spring Grounds Maintenance Service

As the harsh winter finishes its retreat, a lot of people are looking forward to getting out in the garden …

gardening and landscaping company in reading berkshire

Gardening and Landscaping in Reading Berkshire

Making sure that your garden landscaping looks its absolute best is no easy task. You could likely spend hours making …

Winter Gutter Cleaning Service

Winter Gutter Cleaning Service

One of the most important tasks you should do each winter is cleaning your gutters. During the autumn months, they …

Winter Grounds Maintenance

Winter Grounds Maintenance

The season of winter has its own sets of pros and cons – everything depends on the perspective of how …

Property Maintenance for Estate Agents in Reading

Property Maintenance for Estate Agents in Reading

We offer a property maintenance service for Estate Agents in Reading, for those who don’t have the time to properly …

We offer a complete property maintenance service for homes and businesses in Reading and all surrounding areas.

We bring consistently high quality results and affordable prices, keeping your home or place of work up to date and well maintained.

We offer a comprehensive list of other external and internal maintenance services for homes and businesses including electrical, plumbing, tiling, plastering, grounds maintenance and many more. Please contact us to find out more.