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Posted on: November 6, 2019

Winter Grounds Maintenance

The season of winter has its own sets of pros and cons – everything depends on the perspective of how you look at it. However, when it comes to ground maintenance, there is absolutely nothing good that comes with the winter. The constant snow and ice make it challenging to maintain the premises of any ground – be it commercial or residential. It becomes essential to bring in professional help to avoid health and safety issues – particularly in winters. Not just for health and safety concerns, professional grounds maintenance is required to give your ground an appealing landscape too.

Winter brings snow with it which, in turn, beings health and safety concerns.

The most common ones are slip and fall injuries. Another matter which this season brings with it is the debris of fallen leaf which stays at the same place for days and nights. Resulting in the growth of mould, this debris can cause some severe health issues if not taken care of. Not just the humans but the wildlife suffers too because of severe snowfall. Trees get infected with diseases and pose threats to the passersby.

The business owners can tackle these situations if they take care of some specific things. We have discussed some practical tips for business owners by which they can maintain their grounds during the winter season:

Salting/Gritting: To prevent the formation of solid ice on properties and roadways, the process of gritting should be undertaken by the business owners during winters. This process involves spreading salt on roads and grounds when severe snowfall happens. Salt helps in melting the ice and even prevents a slippery ice layer from getting formed in the first place. The business owners can hire a professional ground maintenance company for this purpose. These professionals come to your premises at least two times a day and spread salt wherever required.

Clearance of snow: When clearing the entire ground doesn’t seem possible, just making a clear and visible pathway can do the job temporarily. Snowfalls result in a troubling situation where the entire pathways get covered with slippery ice. Pedestrians and the potential customers who want to come to your premises find it really difficult to make their way to your shop. This results in loss of business and a plunge in the brand name. The least you can do is to hire professional help that will clear a pathway and make people’s life easier. Not just that, it will also prevent slip and fall accidents and the resulting injuries.

Clearance of fallen leaves and debris: As discussed above, snowfall results in debris which is made up of fallen leaves. This debris poses health risks to the ones staying near to it. It is vital to make its cleaning routine work. This can only happen if you hire a professional ground maintenance help. The professionals will visit the site on a regular basis and get the area clean and disinfected.

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