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Posted on: July 9, 2020

Spring Grounds Maintenance Service

As the harsh winter finishes its retreat, a lot of people are looking forward to getting out in the garden and setting up their lawn for heavy use in the summertime.

When a lot of folks start to think about spring grounds maintenance, they are thinking about pulling the mower out of the shed for the first time and mowing the lawn, trimming back foliage and removing the dead stuff, as well as clearing way for new plants.

While taking advantage of the energy that the spring brings with it is a good thing, there are some spring ground maintenance jobs that are better to leave to a professional.

The spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, so handing over the hard tasks of getting your garden into summertime shape to a professional maintenance service can help you get the best out of your lawn while remaining a stress-free experience and with no risk of injury to yourself.

While mowing the lawn, trimming back some dead foliage and planting a new bed of flowers may be soothing tasks you are more than capable of taking care of on you own.

Here are some important spring grounds maintenance tasks that you may want to leave in the hands of professionals:

Lawn care

Getting the most out of your lawn goes a little further than simply raking up the leftover scraps from fall, and mowing the grass. A service will be able to bring your lawn back to life in the best possible way by providing the spring cleaning and the mow, yes, but also handling fertilisation, crisp and clean lawn and garden edging, and any other irrigation needs that may pop up. A proper cycle of fertiliser will keep your lawn weed free and brilliantly green for the entire year.

Pest and Insect Issues

The things that no one wants to think about when the weather warms: Pests and insects. Keeping your garden and lawn safe from all of the pests and insects that come out to play now that the warmer weather is here is a tough task. Because this task is not a one-size fits all type of job, a professional service will be able to best address your current issues and save your yard from any potential future issues.

Pruning and Tree Trimming

Pruning shrubs or hedges may be a task you think you can handle, but it is surprisingly easy to get carried away with these jobs and ruin your plants. As for tree trimming: This can be a very, very dangerous job, as well as a crucial one – depending on how harsh winter was to your trees. It is vital to leave any tree trimming to professionals.

Clean up

Whether it is dealing with the bags and bags of yard waste that is produced from your spring grounds maintenance, or it is yard waste that remains from the fall, there can be a lot of clean up duties to tackle. As well, a professional service can provide pressure washing of outdoor surfaces, including walkways, decks, driveways, and even patio furniture.

So if you feel your garden could benefit from any of these professional services, contact us today! For your stress free garden renewal!

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