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Posted on: December 1, 2020

Property Maintenance During Winter

In the winter property maintenance becomes even more important.

Weather damage done to properties should not be overlooked, and many of these problems can simply be prevented with professional quality property maintenance. Today we’ll explore a few issues you may encounter on your properties and what can be done to prevent them.

Drainage becomes a problem in the winter with fluctuation of temperatures and extra rain fall, to prevent any drain issues, get your gutters and pipes cleaned out and insulated before winter sets in.

Servicing your boiler is always a good idea before winter sets in but as a landlord its very prudent to do so, ensuring your tenants won’t be without hot water or heating, and checking the state of your boiler is always smart so you can be prepared for any possible issues in the future.

Checking and maintaining your roof should also be done before winter sets in, to ensure any work that needs doing can be done, and also helping to prevent any damp, which becomes much more prevalent in the winter. Dealing with damp as a landlord is very important as it can produce mould which is extremely dangerous to have growing inside and can cause serious breathing problems.

If your property has a fireplace that’s in use you should definitely have it swept before you begin using it again. Not only is it a legal requirement in the UK but it’ll ensure you do not accidentally set a fire underneath a birds nest that was built during the warmer summer months, and ensure a safer fireplace to use, as no built up soot will be set alight.

There are plenty more examples of household duties that should be completed before winter sets in. Hiring a professional team to do your winter maintenance (especially as a landlord) will be extremely beneficial.

Our team will be able to identify any problems on your property and your property maintenance jobs will be completed faster and to a higher quality than you would be able to do yourself as we have and use specialist tools for each job.

If you are a landlord in the Berkshire area or you need any help with your property maintenance this year, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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