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Posted on: January 10, 2020

Winter Gutter Cleaning Service

One of the most important tasks you should do each winter is cleaning your gutters.

During the autumn months, they can fill with leaves and branches. Winter is the perfect time to remove this debris before summer arrives.

As the colder weather starts to move in, it’s common for your focus to start to shift towards the holidays and the start of the new year. However, this can cause important things to get overlooked.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

Though it’s an easy take to overlook, keeping your gutters clean is an essential task, especially during the colder winter months. This will ensure that your building is protected from damage.

For example, as trees shed their leaves they will accumulate in your gutter, where they will dry out. This can represent a serious fire risk. This is a bigger danger in winter, where people use fires to keep themselves warm. In addition, too much debris can block water flow. This can contribute to leaks in the roof. In some cases, this might even cause water to damage the walls of the property.

If this occurs, the damage can be very expensive to assess and rectify. Another common problem is that water can get stuck in your gutter. This can cause the metal to rust. If this occurs, you will have to purchase and install a new gutter.

If you run a business, you should be especially vigilant about how your gutters appear.  You know that first impressions count when customers visit your shop,  hotel or office  If you have sticks and leave in your gutters, it sends the message that you are unorganised. Even worse, your customer could get dripped on from that leaky gutter upon entry!

How To Fix The Problem

You can try to clean your gutters yourself. However, this can cause a range of potential problems, number one being safety.

In order to protect yourself from these problems, you might want to hire a professional cleaning company. They have all the tools required to complete the job. Often, they will be able to use specialised equipment, like a high-pressure hose. This will remove debris from the gutters very efficiently. In addition, they have highly trained staff members who will be able to perform the job safely. This will ensure that no-one gets injured on the premises.

Finally, they have the highest quality cleaning products. In some cases, using the wrong products might damage the gutter, such as causing staining.

At Property Maintenance Reading we have a team that deals with Roof Gutter Cleaning.  We’re a local company servicing residential properties in the Reading and Berkshire area at a cost that won’t break the bank.

For our business customers we also provide commercial gutter cleaning and travel to London and beyond for larger projects

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