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Posted on: April 15, 2020

Gardening and Landscaping in Reading Berkshire

Making sure that your garden landscaping looks its absolute best is no easy task.

You could likely spend hours making sure that your property looks pristine.

Maximising the value of your home and improving usable space in outdoor areas means regularly working with on your landscaping features.

There’s a large number of landscaping features that you can use to maximise the overall value of your home. By regularly working on these items you can focus on improving the value of your property as well as maximising the curb appeal and resale potential of that space.

Some of the top services that we can offer as a gardening and landscaping company in Reading and Berkshire include:

We will install a wide range of decking solutions for your entertaining spaces and to bring new value to your outdoor space.

We will assist with paving and patio solutions to enhance your property.

Design and Build:
We will design and build solutions for a wide range of outdoor spaces. Whether you’d like to increase outdoor storage space or improve your grounds, come to us with an idea and we can make it a reality.

Turf and grass:
We will assist with the process of installing top-quality turf and grass to upgrade the look of your property.

Water features:
Our team will assist with the process of installing water features like sprinkler systems, ponds and fountains across Reading.

We install outdoor lighting for your property to improve security and efficiency. From automatic lighting solutions to home address lighting solutions, we can improve your property value with electrical light landscaping.

Some of the main areas that benefit from our landscaping include:

For homes:

If you are a residential customer that could use access to ongoing landscaping support in Reading, we will make sure that you can access ongoing assistance with your home landscaping. Whether it’s creating new gardens, working to maintain your grounds or installing new features, we will help you with regularly scheduled landscape.


We will assist with regularly scheduled landscaping services for your business. We can ensure you always make a strong first impression and have access to the outer landscaping features that you need the produce a strong look for your business. Whether its someone to regularly cut the grass or a team that can install security lighting, we can help.


Managing a property can be tough. Having access to experience landscapers can make sure that your property management can be handled more easily. Let us take care of exterior maintenance and landscaping tasks so that you can focus on day-to-day operations for the many properties that you manage.

Estate Agents:

Giving a location that you are trying to sell a face lift could often help you to command a higher price point or generate more interest in the market. We work with estate agents across Reading to provide landscaping plans that can improve home values and update homes for sale.

We are available to help with all of your needs in Landscaping including offering support for a wide range of new features, maintenance and more.

Contact us today in Reading if you need access to a quality landscaping team.

We offer a complete property maintenance service for homes and businesses in Reading and all surrounding areas.

We bring consistently high quality results and affordable prices, keeping your home or place of work up to date and well maintained.

We offer a comprehensive list of other external and internal maintenance services for homes and businesses including electrical, plumbing, tiling, plastering, grounds maintenance and many more. Please contact us to find out more.