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Posted on: September 12, 2020

End of Tenancy Maintenance Services; Improving the Value of a Property

It is the landlord’s responsibility to manage the upkeep of the property and make sure that it stays well maintained especially when a home or business is changing over to a new tenant.

At the end of any tenancy, there are a number of maintenance solutions that any landlord needs to check in order to maintain their property value.

End of tenancy maintenance services not only help to maintain property values, it meets the ongoing responsibilities that a landlord has in the UK in order to make sure that a property may change hands.

Here are some of the aspects of an end of tendency maintenance services that any landlord needs to take on and how they could improve the value of a property:


  • Inspecting electrical:
    Landlords are responsible for providing functional and safe electrical installations and this includes completely safe switches, sockets, circuit boards and light fittings. Regular checks need to be done to make sure that electrical wiring is in good order and one of the best times to undertake one of these inspections is during the time that a tenant is going to be leaving the building.
  • Appliance inspection:
    Appliance inspection and repairs on items like dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, audio systems, lighting and more will also need to take place at the end of tenancy. The landlord is not responsible for any electrical appliance that is the property of the tenant but if the rental is going to be changing over to a person that needs the appliance as part of the rental, these items will need to be maintained.
  • Gas inspection:
    For properties that have gas heating, gas stoves or gas fireplaces, a professional gas inspection will also need to take place. A gas safe registered engineer will need to deliver a certificate as well as recommend improvements that need to be made. It is illegal to rent out a premises that has unsafe gas equipment.
  • Plumbing:
    The landlord must also undertake a series of checks on plumbing, this relates to water tanks, showers, cisterns, sinks, basins and more. Regular checking of the sewage, drains, pipes and more needs to be done and unblocking tasks also needs to be taken on before a new tenant moves in.
  • Heat and hot water:
    Heat and hot water inspections will need to take place to make sure that the hot water heater has been inspected regularly. Most recommend inspecting hot water heater installations at least every five years and doing simple maintenance on plumbing systems to make sure that they are working at peak efficiency.
  • Fire and smoke alarms:
    Fire and smoke alarms will need to be inspected or replaced. Batteries will also need to be regularly checked and replaced as required.
  • Roofing/drainage systems:
    Important elements to the home structures such as the roofing as well as drainage and exterior pipes need to be regularly checked. Damp and mold is a frequent problem across the UK and this means that ongoing checks for these items will need to be made in end of tenancy inspections.
  • Fixing up walls and painting:
    Even though this might the responsibility of the tenant that is moving out of the property, a landlord may also be responsible for fixing up walls and painting after the tenant has left. This gives a building a new lease on life and it may be required in order to show the space off to other prospective renters.
  • Cleaning solutions:
    As part of the final aspect of maintenance before end of tenancy, a tenant may be responsible for cleaning up their property and making sure that its ready for a new tenant. This sometimes means hours of work if the previous tenant was irresponsible or unsanitary with the conditions that they were living or working in.

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