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Posted on: October 16, 2020

End of Summer Maintenance Tasks

As autumn approaches, there are a number of maintenance tasks that you should consider completing before winter sets in as waiting will cause all the jobs to become much more difficult.

Here are some of the top property maintenance tasks that you should take into consideration as you are trying to prepare your property for winter:

Servicing the boiler:
Boiler maintenance is one of the top items involved in any type of autumn property maintenance. A boiler needs to be properly checked and certified as a gas safe solution by a registered engineer. If you have a boiler that is considered to be faulty or leaky it will need to be serviced or replaced, a much harder task to do mid winter as this is commonly when boilers break down and engineers are inundated with jobs. A boiler that has a series of issues can lead to large issues with your property or even the chance that you could face deadly carbon monoxide problems inside your home.

Cleaning gutters and drainpipes:
Water drainage is important for your home, especially during wet english winters. Getting your gutters cleared out and making sure you are ready for the cold weather to set in is important. Gutter cleanring done by a professional will ensure a full deep clean without any accidental damage to your gutters and drainpipes. Professional gutter clearing will also ensure that you get a educated opinion on the placement of your drainage sytems, ensuring no chance for sink holes to appear or other issues of flooding to take place.

Roof inspections:
A proper roof inspection before the winter months is crucial. If your roofing materials have fallen into disrepair or you could use a patch job on your roof, you will need access to someone that can handle the job with ease. A professional roofing inspection will make sure that the items can be patched, and you can enjoy a simple solution for the prevention of floods and drips, which will cause long-term damp problems in your property if left unchecked. This can be a lot more dangerous than it seems, as a damp house is an extremely difficult thing to correct and is the perfect breeding ground for black mould which can cause asthma and many other lung problems, even in people who did not previously experience these problems.

Taking a look at your insulation and filling in areas over the winter can be a great way that you can improve your property and prepare for the cooler months. Revisiting your insulation and making sure that you have an energy efficient house will ensure that you can get the most out of your home and its heating.

Cleaning up:
Part of winter autumn maintenance can often be cleaning up areas like your patio, your outdoor windows and more, to ensure that you will be able to enjoy these months without having a flow of grime across your windows and brought into your home. Focusing on cleaning up before the winter will make sure that you can protect items like patio furniture and the exterior of your home without having to worry about future clean-up being more difficult.

Making the outside areas safer:
Make sure that you are making your outdoor areas safer. Footpaths need to be regularly attended to, repairing cracks in your loose pavement and making sure that you can enjoy a better uniformity in your driveway are all important factors to improving your property.

If you would like to learn more about end of summer maintenance, be sure to contact our staff today. We can help you improve your property and prepare for the winter.

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